Horizon Forbidden West: Platinum GAIA Recovery

Trophy 31: Used all Elemental States

Official Description: Inflicted every elemental state on an enemy at least once.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: March 27th, 2022
Overall Earned: #1836

The last elemental state I unleashed upon my enemies was the explosive plasma state. It came as a huge shock too! I didn’t even have a weapon with plasma at this point, but shooting a Sunwing’s crest resulted in quite the surprise massive damage.

Trophy 32: Completed a Long Glide

Official Description: Glided uninterrupted for 60 seconds.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: March 31st, 2022
Overall Earned: #1837

A Soldier’s March was such a cool side quest! Taking place in the Sky Clan domain, Aloy helps an outcast (and brutally bullied) warrior make it to the top of a mountain to gather a flower to complete his soldier qualification. Add in respectful representation for many different ways to be… and wow! Loved it.

Near the end of that quest, you have the option to jump off the mountain and glide back to the quest giver. I had no idea there was a trophy for gliding over 60 seconds!

Trophy 33: All Transport Machines Killed

Official Description: Killed at least one of every type of Transport machine.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: April 3rd, 2022
Overall Earned: #1838

This one popped while I was on a side quest for the Lowland Clan: helping Chaplin Dekka bring back her traitor grandson (and only living relative). Turns out her grandson was ready to repent! He led Aloy and a village leader to a planned rebel attack on the town. This is where I pwned a Behemoth with Advanced Explosive Bombs and that was my last type of Transport machine kill.

Dekka’s grandson earned some respect back and was given the opportunity to redeem himself. Yay! Second chances.

Trophy 34: Recovered AETHER

Official Description: Defended the Kulrut and recovered AETHER.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: April 3rd, 2022
Overall Earned: #1839

Aloy found a place called the Memorial Grove at AETHER’s coordinates. This is the seat of power for the whole Tenakth tribe. After scanning around, Aloy found out AETHER was in a chamber under Chief Hekarro’s throne. Unfortunately, he refused to grant her access until she does him a huge favour: get the Sky Clan to attend the Kulrut (big arena battle ritual where new Marshals are chosen) and defend the Kulrut from Regalla’s inevitable attack.

Hekarro sent Aloy with Kotallo (one of his surviving Marshals from the Embassy massacre and former member of the Sky Clan).

The Sky Clan leader Tekotteh turned out to be an arrogant asshole. He wanted to hide behind the safety of a rock wall called the Bulwark, while Regalla and Hekarro fight it out. Exploiting a vulnerability, Aloy and Kotallo used a canon to blow up the Bulwark (after battling a huge Rebel controlled mammoth-bot to get it). This knocked the jerk down several pegs and he finally sent the Sky Clan to the Kulrut.

Back at the Memorial Grove, the Kulrut happily happened and Regalla ruthlessly interrupted it. Aloy fought off a bunch of Rebel controlled bots, but Regalla used what looked like a Rockbreaker to tunnel in and crash the battle party. Aloy had to fight off another Viper-bot before she was able to save Hekarro from being crushed by a loose airplane while he was dueling Regalla. She runs off and vows to be back later with all her might.

Hekarro swore in his new Marshals (who more than proved themselves in the Kulrut attack) and Aloy was able to scoop up a very willing AETHER to bring back to GAIA. Kotallo also decided to join Aloy on her quest to save the planet. He’s freaking awesome and I was more than happy to welcome him to Team Aloy!

Trophy 35: Recovered Beta

Official Description: Followed Beta’s distress signal and brought her back to base.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: April 3rd, 2022
Overall Earned: #1840

Immediately after turning in AETHER, GAIA tells Aloy she received an odd distress call from a missing subordinate function, ELEUTHIA. The signal is in a remote mountain location and is very likely a trap set by the advanced humans from another galaxy, but Aloy needs to check it out anyway. Varl and Erend tag along as backup.

When they arrive on the mountain, they find one of those advanced human ladies fighting off a bunch of Rebels. The Rebels use some kind of special primitive (by comparison) weapon to take out the lady’s shield, and she angrily dies right after killing a Rebel with her last breath. The weapon the Rebels used self-destructs taking them out as well.

Inside the huge hole in the mountain, Aloy and Varl discover a Cradle (places where humans were resurrected from DNA and released back into the world). Aloy cracks open one of the pods using a number left in ELEUTHIA’s distress call. Inside they find the Elisabet clone the advanced humans had in the HADES Proving Lab along with the other copy of GAIA.

The clone left a hologram message saying her name is Beta and she managed to escape her handlers. The advanced humans (Zeniths) have the missing subordinate functions ELEUTHIA, ARTEMIS and APOLLO. Varl protects the clone while Aloy fights off two Specter drones (with the help of Erend) to escape the area (they went down pretty easy with Acid and Advanced Explosive Bombs).

Back at base, Beta is reeling from having her data implant removed and takes a Focus from Aloy to feel better. The Zeniths created Beta on the trip back and educated her with a copy of the APOLLO database (the one Ted Faro deleted to rob Earths new humans of past knowledge). They seem to want to destroy all life on Earth just to remake it to their own specifications. Jerks!!

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