Horizon Forbidden West: Platinum GAIA Recovery

Collecting PlayStation trophies is one of my favourite video game hobbies. I enjoy recording my trophy journeys in the form of scrapbook articles on Strength in Sarcasm because why not! Here’s the details on my Horizon Forbidden West platinum trophy quest.

SPOILER WARNING in case I need to say it. I’ll be talking about all the game’s trophies, which includes plot ruining details if you haven’t played the game yet.

Trophy 1: Reached the Daunt

Official Description: Arrived at the Daunt seeking passage into the Forbidden West.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: February 27th, 2022
Overall Earned: #1806

Forbidden West starts off with Aloy and Varl seeking a backup copy of GAIA to stop all life from going extinct, which turns out to be a fake planted by the HADES programmer dude. After battling new cool giant viper robots, Aloy heads off to Meridian to chat with old friends from Zero Dawn.

While poking around the final battle area from Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy is horrified to find out HADES was transferred to Sylens who’s in the Forbidden West also looking for a GAIA backup. Westward!

The west is ruled by tribes who hate the Carja. Aloy is only allowed to go if she helps the Carja set up an Embassy in the border area called the Daunt. Murderous machines are a problem that needs fixing before the Embassy can happen, however. Upon Daunt arrival, Aloy quickly shuts down a mouthy Sun Priest jerk, and the true adventure begins.

Trophy 2: Upgraded 3 Weapons

Official Description: Fully upgraded 3 weapons.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: February 28th, 2022
Overall Earned: #1807

Shockingly, as soon as I was given free reign I went after the first “?” on my map instead of the main story and explored the hell out of the area. Before I knew it, I had enough stuffs to fully upgrade 3 weapons. That was quick!

Trophy 3: Secured Passage to the Embassy

Official Description: Cleared the way to the Embassy and reopened the Daunt.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: February 28th, 2022
Overall Earned: #1808

Aloy helps her old friend Erend take out the murderous machines infesting the Daunt, securing passage for the mouthy Sun Priest to get to the Embassy. Aloy was having none of his bullshit and I loved her for it 😆

Trophy 4: Performed 3 Melee Combos

Official Description: Successfully performed 3 different unlockable melee combos.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: March 1st, 2022
Overall Earned: #1809

There’s a ton of side activities to also distract me from the main story. I found a fighting arena type thing in Chainscrape and got the 3 melee combo trophy while learning the moves there.

Trophy 5: Tore off 100 Components

Official Description: Detached 100 components from machines.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: March 2nd, 2022
Overall Earned: #1810

I shot off 100 machine components already? Wow. Component #100 was a rare Fanghorn antler. Fun and also necessary! Rare components tend to get destroyed with the machine so Aloy needs to shoot them off first.

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