Grand Theft Auto V: Accidental Level Hacking 🖼️

Here’s another screenshot post I’m pulling out of my… er. I mean, welcome to another feature article where I discuss a screenshot I took from a video game I’m playing/played! Today’s piece is called Accidental Level Hacking from Grand Theft Auto V. 🧐

Yep. I freaking love Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto video game series and V is amazing. Sometimes it’s just so fun being the violent villain, ya know? Also, is VI out yet?? It’s gonna be a long, long road waiting that release.

Anyway, this year I got through another playthrough of V’s single player story (oh Trevor) along with playing the online version of the game with the lovely Later Levels crew.

For a few weeks I tried to log in daily to spin the fancy prize wheel in the Diamond Casino. Gotta love those shiny cars! On one fateful day, something extremely weird and beneficial randomly happened to my character.

It’s no secret l33t hackers are rampant in the PC version. Almost every public session contains at least one or two invincible idiots on flying motorcycles who love murdering everyone. Gr!

On this particular day, I logged into a public session to the rapid clicky sounds of massive XP being gained for no reason. At first I didn’t know what the hell the sounds were.

After checking chat, turns out some dude in the session was doing some kind of hacker magic to trigger massive XP gains for everyone on the server. My little level 15 noob got to level 183 by just standing around for about 20 minutes… dayum.

I decided to log out in case I was at risk of being banned. Although I kind of wish I would have stuck around until level 400 since nothing bad seems to have happened to my account.

Yay for being a level 183 with the skillz of a level 15… but my enemies don’t need to know that. 😈

Sources: Screenshot taken by Solarayo on the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar.

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