Final Fantasy XVI: Platinum’s Dominant

Trophy 6: With Great Power

Official Description: Inherit a power unknown.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: July 6th, 2023
Overall Earned: #2053

Turns out Cid used to be a Lord Commander in Waloed and has a spicy history with Benedikta. She kicks his ass and Clive ends up having an epic boss battle with her at the top of the castle. She also hurt Torgal during that and I’ll never forgive her for it. Bitch.

When Benedikta is defeated, something weird happens to Clive and he steals a part of Benedikta’s Garuda power. Benedikta freaks out when she can’t use her Garuda powers anymore and then everything goes up in flames.

Trophy 7: You Can Pet the Dog

Official Description: Pet Torgal 5 times.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: July 6th, 2023
Overall Earned: #2054

Shortly after the tower fire escape, Benedikta is attacked by some bandits in the woods and goes full Garuda. Clive and Cid catch up with her and then something really cool happens! Clive turns into the mysterious Second Eikon of Fire, Ifrit, to fight Garuda.

After Benedikta/Garuda are killed, Clive loses control of his Ifrit-self and Cid needs to turn into Ramuh to stop him. Naked Clive wakes up freaking out in a jail cell due to the realization he may have been the one who killed Joshua. Oops! Cid talks some sense into him and the mission to make the world a better place for Bearers continues.

Anyway, some time after all that I was very pleased to see there was a trophy for petting Torgal 5 times. What a good boy!

Trophy 8: Acceptance

Official Description: Accept your fate.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: July 6th, 2023
Overall Earned: #2055

Joshua is alive and actually the person they were chasing all along (we know at this point; Clive doesn’t). To confront his past, Clive returns to Phoenix Gate with Jill and Torgal. Inside a secret area they navigate the advanced ruins of a now gone civilization, and Clive has a dream fight with Shadow Clive to settle his internal drama. This also unlocks the ability for him to semi-prime during battles. Rawr!

Trophy 9: Lawless

Official Description: Defy your fate.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: July 6th, 2023
Overall Earned: #2056

Cid wants to destroy all 5 of the Mothercrystals to free humanity from crystal dependence and potentially stop a blight that’s making the lands unlivable. Mothercrystal 1 is in the Sanbrequois holy city of Oriflamme. Clive, Torgal, Cid and Jill sneak through an aetherflooded mine and fight a dragon to get to it.

Smashing the crystal causes Clive/Ifrit to fight Typhoon in a weird dreamland. After the fight, Ultima reveals himself and Cid dies protecting Clive. Nooo!! 😭 I’ll never forget his sexy voice. Joshua briefly shows up to stop Ultima from taking Clive by trapping Ultima in his chest… somehow? Phoenix flames or something.

Oh! And someone sent Benedikta’s head to her boyfriend Kupka/Titan. He wasn’t too impressed, blamed Cid for her murder and destroys the Hideaway in retaliation.

Trophy 10: I Am the Thunder

Official Description: Discharge 50 Blind Justice lightning balls (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
Type: Bronze
Earned on: July 7th, 2023
Overall Earned: #2057

Before Cid kicked the bucket he gave Clive his flashy Ramuh powers. I got the trophy for discharging 50 lightning balls while fighting an Admantoise on the mission to save Martha (the awesome tavern owner lady).

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