Little Kitty, Big City Review: Pawsitive Purrsonality

Here be Strength in Sarcasm’s super official Little Kitty, Big City (Steam version) review! This Canadian crazy cat lady couldn’t resist the allure of this fabulous feline adventure by Double Dagger Studio, that’s fur sure.

My Progress

I had a blast prowling around in this game for a total of 6.5 hours. I also got 39/39 Steam Achievements because why not? I’ll probably do scrapbook style post with the achievement details soon-ish! I love documenting things.

Analyzing My XP

Beware of where to cat nap

Double Dagger Studio’s debut video game puts you in control of a freaking cat! How awesome is that?? The game kicks off with Kitty accidentally falling off their favourite window sleeping spot in a condo tower.

It was quite the fall, but don’t worry! Kitty is never seriously harmed at any point in this video game. The initial fall from grace scene was more comical than distressing. Thank god!

After the intro you’re let loose to explore the city and find a way back up to your human at your leisure. Cats essentially do whatever the hell they want so not having any rigid route to follow makes purrfect sense.

The ‘big’ in ‘Big City’ is subjective

While this is an open world exploration game, the open world itself isn’t massive at all. This may disappoint some gamers who are actually expecting a big city. Little Kitty, Tiny Open World Area doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

What the game area may lack in physical size, it sure makes up for with little details. There are lots of objects to interact with, endless streams of faceless humans to mess with, and many interesting jump puzzles to work out.

I was actually proud of myself for figuring out a lot of secrets on my own instead of immediately consulting with the almighty Google as soon as I got stuck. It’s just so fun being a cat that I didn’t mind wandering around confused.

Cats being lovable jerks at its finest

Gameplay detail wise, I feel this is one of those games where the less you know about it, the better the whole experience will be. It’s all about discovering the cute and whimsical cat things on your own.

I will say the jumping mechanic is very smooth and easy to use. There are a few critter friends and foes Kitty meets along the way that will give you tips and tasks to solve. Also many adorable collectable hats kitty can wear! Oh and pawesome puns literally everywhere.


I loved every minute of this game! It’s got so much chill cat charm and loads of fun little details to enjoy. The biggest complaint I’ve seen on the internet is that it’s ‘too short for the price of admission’. To that I say meh, I get it but I don’t agree.

If you love cats and don’t ignore most of the game by rushing to the end goal, there’s a lot of entertainment value to discover. It was more than worth the $32 CAD Steam purrchase to me. I also like that my money went to a new indie game studio, not the shareholders of some out-of-touch mega corporation.

Yep. I’m excited to see what Double Dagger Studio comes up with next. This was the purrfect start to their lineup! The game industry needs more awesome indie studios trying neat things like this now more than ever.

Shout-out to the fine folks over at Virtual Bastion who wrote a purrfessional article on this game you should check out too!

⚠️Memory Lane (Click to see MASSIVE SPOILERS!!) ⚠️

Favourite Ability/Item/Weapon

I found a random badass sword in an alleyway trashcan so I’m going to say that is my favourite thing. It’s so comical to see an adorable cat wielding such a fursome… I mean, fearsome weapon. Flee from the kitty, pathetic humans! Mwahahaha! 😈

Favourite Character

I enjoyed meeting all the cute friendly critters, but without a doubt the protagonist Kitty is my favourite character. Look at those little eyes! D’aww.

Favourite Zone/Level/Area

There’s no place like home! Kitty’s cozy ledge is definitely the best spot to be… just be more careful, eh?

Favourite Story Moment

Meeting some of the animals Kitty helped during the game while climbing the tower back home was great. Definite memorable end-game vibes.

Favourite WTF Moment(s)

Tanuki’s trippy fast travel land is so whoa, dude!! I love the pretty colours too.

What did I name Kitty?

At the end of the game Kitty’s owner rewards you with a collar (counts as a hat). You also have the option to name Kitty. I chose to name the little fella Thumper after one of my beloved cats who passed away two weeks ago. I had him for almost 14 years and it hurt quite a lot (and probably always will) to say goodbye. It was nice to honour him in video game form like this. ❤️

Sources: All images in this post are screenshots taken from the Steam version of Little Kitty, Big City by Double Dagger Studio

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  1. 1

    Aw, thank you for the VB shoutout! I named my kitty after a dearly departed feline companion, too…Elwood. He was such a grouchy sweetie, and he would have been quite out of place in a “big city”!

    • 2

      Thank you for all the awesome Virtual Bastion content! It’s seriously the only place I get gaming news nowadays 😁

      Aw. Big loves to the memory of Elwood as well ❤️