Final Fantasy XVI: Platinum’s Dominant

Trophy 46: You’re Not the Boss of Me

Official Description: Defeat a boss without taking damage.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: August 13th, 2023
Overall Earned: #2093

After you beat the game you unlock the Final Fantasy difficulty level. Things are higher level but you can also craft better upgrades and the level cap doubles. It’s essentially a New Game+ mode. I could still use those lovely cheat trinkets along with all the best Eikon moves so it wasn’t hard at all.

I took my time on the first proper boss, Midnight Raven, to get this trophy. Took a few retries but slow and steady won the day!

Trophy 47: Cold-blooded

Official Description: Simultaneously defeat three or more enemies frozen using Frostbite, Permafrost, or Diamond Dust (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
Type: Bronze
Earned on: August 13th, 2023
Overall Earned: #2094

While climbing the tower to fight Benedikta for the first time, again, I unleashed the wrath of Shiva’s abilities on a random group of guards.

Trophy 48: Masterclass

Official Description: Upgrade all feats and abilities to their maximum.
Type: Gold
Earned on: August 25th, 2023
Overall Earned: #2095

I did every side thing again on Final Fantasy difficulty. Skipping all the cutscenes and dialog really sped it along, though! All those sweet ability points added up and I was able to max out everything without any extra grinding.

Trophy 49: Fantasy, Finally

Official Description: Complete the game on “Final Fantasy” mode.
Type: Gold
Earned on: August 26th, 2023
Overall Earned: #2096

And the last thing I needed to do was punch Ultima into oblivion again. It was just as satisfying the second time!

Trophy 50: The Chronicler

Official Description: And thus did our journey endโ€ฆ
Type: Platinum
Earned on: August 26th, 2023
Overall Earned: #2097

And thus did my trophy journey conclude! I really hope they find a way for Clive to not be dead. He’s definitely one of my favourite Final Fantasy protagonists now.

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Sources: All images in this post are screenshots we took with the PlayStation 5 from the video game Final Fantasy XVI created by Square Enix

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