Season: A Letter to the Trophies

Collecting PlayStation trophies is one of my favourite video game hobbies. I enjoy recording my trophy journeys in the form of scrapbook articles on Strength in Sarcasm because why not! Here’s the details on my Season: A Letter to the Future trophy quest. No platinum trophy available for this game sadly. Also, shout-out to Later Levels for recommending this game to me!

SPOILER WARNING in case I need to say it. I’ll be talking about all the game’s trophies, which includes plot ruining details if you haven’t played the game yet.

Trophy 1: Home Leaver

Official Description: A journey of a thousand seasons begins with a single step
Type: Bronze
Earned on: February 5th, 2023
Overall Earned: #1962

The game starts off with Estelle and her mom putting together a protection pendant via a ritual. Estelle is on some sort of mystical journey to record the land before ‘the season ends’ (which definitely sounds like some sort of apocalypse).

To create the pendant you get to choose various sentimental items to sacrifice in a burner pot. The catch is Estelle’s mom will lose the memory attached to the item. It seemed like Estelle’s dad had met with an unfortunate fate before the game started so I made sure NOT to choose any items related to him.

Trophy 2: Journal Beautifier

Official Description: Completely customize a page in your journal
Type: Bronze
Earned on: February 5th, 2023
Overall Earned: #1963

All the things you snap pictures of and record are stored in the pages of Estelle’s journal. You get to choose where to put things and I had way too much fun doing so.

Trophy 3: Outside World Seer

Official Description: See the outside world before it’s gone
Type: Bronze
Earned on: February 5th, 2023
Overall Earned: #1964

Estelle leaves her village proper once she finds a bike. The controls for the bike were super clunky and took a while to get used to, but I definitely enjoyed being able to go faster.

Trophy 4: Stranger Encounterer

Official Description: Encounter a stranger and have a pleasant interaction
Type: Bronze
Earned on: February 5th, 2023
Overall Earned: #1965

The bulk of the game takes place in Tieng Valley that is set to be flooded that night when a dam gets shut down. Estelle meets a member of the Grey Hands (some sort of militia unit) at the gate to the village. He lets her in to record whatever she wants before the place gets washed off the map.

Trophy 5: Deep Listener

Official Description: Find a hidden botanical voice
Type: Silver
Earned on: February 5th, 2023
Overall Earned: #1966

There are these odd trippy flowers in Tieng Valley that talk to Estelle when she points the recorder at them. They seem to store the memories of people long gone. Neat.

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