Season: A Letter to the Trophies

Trophy 16: The End

Official Description: Witness the end of a season
Type: Gold
Earned on: March 4th, 2023
Overall Earned: #1998

Final trophy! It makes me sad when games don’t have platinums, but what can ya do? Before flicking on the stadium lights on the coast, Estelle runs into a friendly humanoid creature from across the ocean. He seemed to have a journal and was recording stuff like her.

The pair share their stories as best they can since they don’t speak the same language (probably should have chose the language book to take from the emotional baggage quest, I guess).

Estelle chooses to sail back with him. The season changes on their voyage and a weird pattern forms on the ocean. Estelle’s protection pendant breaks and she loses all her memories. Her friend also loses all of his memories. The confused pair flip through their journals to relearn who they are. The game concludes with a scene of a person from the future reading Estelle’s journal.

Video Version

Trophies 1-7

Trophies 8-12

Trophies 13-16

Sources: All images in this post are screenshots we took with the PlayStation 4 from the video game Season: A Letter to the Future created by Scavengers Studio

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