Fallout: New Vegas: Platinum Post-Apocalyptic Courier Services

Collecting PlayStation trophies is one of my favourite video game hobbies. I enjoy recording my trophy journeys in the form of scrapbook articles on Strength in Sarcasm because why not! Here’s the details on my Fallout: New Vegas platinum trophy quest.

SPOILER WARNING in case I need to say it. I’ll be talking about all the game’s trophies, which includes plot ruining details if you haven’t played the game yet.

Trophy 1: Ain’t That a Kick in the Head

Official Description: Completed Ain’t That a Kick in the Head.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: November 7th, 2021
Overall Earned: #1730

Wow. Doc Mitchell is one hell of a physician! After your character gets shot in the head and buried in the intro scene, he manages to revive you (after a cool cowboy robot digs you up, pardner). Definitely one of the craziest main character origin stories I’ve ever seen in a game.

Every Fallout game I’ve played seems to kick off with you trying to catch up to someone, and this time it’s the asshat who tried to kill you.

Trophy 2: Jury Rigger

Official Description: Repaired 30 items.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: November 7th, 2021
Overall Earned: #1731

The good ol’ over-encumbered warning is something I see quite often in Fallout games. I want to pick up all the things and sell them, but alas!

One thing I do to carry more stuffs is merge like items by repairing them. This got me the Jury Rigger trophy about 2 hours in without even trying.

Trophy 3: Come Fly With Me

Official Description: Completed Come Fly With Me.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: November 14th, 2021
Overall Earned: #1732

A random ghoul cult in the REPCONN Test Site had their sights set on new horizons (including their odd human comrade who also thought he was a ghoul, smooth skins).

After I cleared out some pesky Nightkins (stealth capable super mutants… yikes) in the facility’s basement, I helped the ghouls achieve their dreams of being launched into some kinda promised land. I’m sure that ended well for them. Probably.

Trophy 4: They Went That-a-Way

Official Description: Completed They Went That-a-Way.
Type: Silver
Earned on: November 14th, 2021
Overall Earned: #1733

Back on the main quest of tracking down Benny the jerk who shot my character in the head, I ended up in Boulder City. NCR (New California Republic) troops had a group of Great Khans (tribe of thugs) cornered in a building.

I settled the situation peacefully and their leader, Jessup, told me Benny had my Platinum Chip in the Strip. He was with Benny when he shot my character in the head. Glad Benny betrayed them!

Trophy 5: New Kid

Official Description: Reached 10th level.
Type: Bronze
Earned on: November 28th, 2021
Overall Earned: #1734

Dinged level 10 from a Giant Rat in a cave on some side quest to help some lady get her money back so she could pay off her debt to the Atomic Wrangler Casino.

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